33 Models

33 Models

More models than the competition

  • Over 33 models for river, lake and offshore.
  • Widest selection of customizable options.
  • Largest commitment to innovation.
Pre-Flex Hull Technology

Pre-Flex® Hull Technology

  • Super strong modern construction.
  • Safe and reliable backed by lifetime warranty.
  • Vibration free with great looking lines and style.
Uncompromising Craftsmanship With More Innovation

Uncompromising Craftsmanship With More Innovation

  • Certified marine designers & experienced fabrication team.
  • Best Suppliers – PPG Coatings, Top Gun Canvas, Alcoa.
  • Premium Marine Structural Aluminum Alloys – 5052, 5086, 6061.
Manufactured on a Steel Jig System

Manufactured on a Steel Jig System

  • Pre-Flex® tension & strength is introduced before welding.
  • Hull takes the exact water controlling shape our engineers designed.
  • Hull consistency; every hull is the same.
Engineered Full Reverse Chines

Engineered Full Reverse Chines

  • Deflects water away for a dry ride.
  • Stabilizes ride.
  • Enhances performance and handling.
  • Single Piece bottom and hull sides.
  • No underwater seams or welds.
  • Engineered formed gunnels in box beam shape similar to uni-body car frames.
Compound Angle Box Stringers

Compound Angle Box Stringers

  • Computer formed for precision.
  • Compound angle box shape for strength.
  • Welded to hull from bow to transom for extra strength.

"We build them by hand, one at a time, with incredible skill and passion."

— Byron Bolton CEO
Byron Bolton

KingFisher Story

KingFisher is the fastest growing designer, builder and marketer of welded heavy-gauge sportfishing boats in North America. We build and distribute 33 models supported by a 50 dealer network strategically located from across North America.

Based on our advanced race-proven Pre-Flex® hull technology, our goal is simple—build a tough heavy-gauge aluminum hull, focus on market defining features including intelligent low maintenance design with an ideal balance of performance, ride responsiveness, precision handling and comfort. Test it and refine it in all types of conditions for maximum fishing versatility and safety. Make sure it is easily trailerable.

All KingFisher welded sportfishing boats are built at the Center of Excellence in Vernon, the most advanced aluminum boat building facility in North America. We are renowned for our custom built quality for anglers and practical outdoorsmen who seek maximum value, safety and performance from their fishing machines.

We Understand … We Fish Too!

We designed a better boat

KingFisher Boat

Every one of our heavy-gauge welded boats begins with the Pre-Flex® platform—and it's what makes them so impressive. The Pre-Flex® concept has been around since the dawn of architecture. It's simple really—when you arch a structure towards the load, it strengthens the structure's capability to handle the load.

We form each hull with "Pre-Flexed" components. As a result, everything the driver interacts with is designed for serious boating; unparalleled strength, impact resistance, sound dampening, superior fuel efficiency and most importantly, a smooth responsive ride in any kind of water.

Pre-Flex Exclusive Technology

Center of Excellence

KingFisher Center of Excellence
Newest, most advanced welded aluminum boat building facility in North America.
  • 55,000 square feet of fully-integrated cutting, forming, finishing and assembly excellence
  • Produces 33 unique models for river, lake and offshore customers
  • Tough boats for tough commercial jobs, search & rescue and government missions
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment including routers & Cincinnati Proform+ Series Press Brakes.
  • Super strong modern construction methods based on exclusive Pre-Flex® hull technology.
  • Every hull is built using a steel jig for consistency controlling the shape as the engineers designed it.
  • Hulls are engineered with wide full reverse chines for great ride responsiveness and to deflect water for a drier ride.
  • Lifting strakes are carefully welded leaving hull bottoms super strong.
  • Single piece 5000 series alloy is used for bottom and sides leaving no underwater seams or salt traps.
  • Under floor box stringers are formed with compound angles for super strength.
  • Stringers are fused to each hull from bow to transom for added strength.
  • Marine grade electrical system has water sealed connections with color coded wires.

Tour the Center of Excellence

Meet Byron Bolton


KingFisher CEO, Byron Bolton
KingFisher is building a better boating world. We prove it to ourselves, our customers and the rest of the angling community in hundreds of ways and with every single interaction, every single day. — Byron Bolton, CEO

"Our first aluminum fishing boat hit the water in 1959. Since then over 131,500 boats have been purchased by avid fishermen and families from Alaska to California, to Newfoundland.

Over the last fifty-eight years, our tough welded heavy-gauge boats have grown in size along with our customers' loyalty. We have focused on building a model that fits every need — from our hard charging Extreme Duty River Jet models to our tough innovative Multi-Species line to our category leading KingFisher Offshore models.

We pride ourselves on using the best available technology to build the best heavy-gauge welded aluminum boats available today.

Over 131,500 proud owners have thanked us for building a boat that delivers memorable fishing experiences and stronger families. Whether it's jigging for halibut with best friends or working the weed lines for lakers with dad, we work hard to provide the elements to grow closer to the most important people in your life.

"Since childhood, boats and fishing have been my passion. From river racing to fishing with my family at the local lake to chartering an offshore course Northbound with close friends."

Our participation in racing has led to the development of stronger, optimized weight designs built using our exclusive Pre-Flex® hull technology. We also deliver best-in-class ride responsiveness with built-in fishability. When you purchase your next boat, be sure you benefit from these advanced features and be assured that when you buy a KingFisher, you are buying a tough heavy-gauge welded aluminum boat built by a world leader in the marine industry. See you on the water soon."